The Estero Bay Buddies (EBB) is a non-profit Citizen Support Organization (CSO) for the Estero Bay Aquatic Preserve and the Estero Bay Preserve State Park. The mission of the EBB is to support the further protection, conservation, restoration, management and the enhancement of the natural and cultural resources of the coastal and aquatic ecosystems of the Estero Bay estuary and watershed for the enjoyment and appreciation of current and future generations.

Estero Bay Buddies Code of Ethics


  • President: Terry Cain
  • Vice President: Dorothy McNeill
  • Treasurer: Reggie McNeill
  • Secretary: Jason Farrell

Board Members

  • Laura Carr
  • Nancy Kilmartin
  • Sis Newberry
  • Katie Leone
  • Don Newberry
  • Julia Bose
  • Andrew Stansell
  • Veronica Runge
  • Brenda Thomas
  • Pam James
  • Tom James